iVision Tech SpA

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A Brand with a Century of History

Henry Jullien is a brand of iVision Tech France SAS (100% owned by iVision Tech SpA), established in 1921. With over a hundred years of history, Henry Jullien stands out in the international eyewear market for developing unrivaled skills over time in crafting frames in laminated gold (Double Or Laminé). Symbolizing quality and perfection, each frame is designed, created, and hand-assembled by highly skilled master craftsmen, following a very rigorous process.

Unique Know-How Since 1921

Knowledge and passion in the purest tradition of French eyewear, with a craftsmanship that has been designing and producing high-end eyeglasses for men and women for 100 years.

Our master craftsmen combine daily:

  • Expertise and passion

  • Artisanal production.

The production of Maison Henry Jullien is certified by the EPV label “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” (“Living Heritage Company”) for its artisanal know-how and French production.


Between Art and Technique

For over a century, Maison Henry Jullien remains more faithful than ever to the production tradition upon which its identity, international reputation, and success are based: the doublé or.

As the only French manufacturer of doublé or frames, Maison Henry Jullien remains the sole company to use this highly noble yet difficult process.

Henry Jullien boasts unique expertise, a fusion of art and technique, to create exceptional frames whose goal is perfection.

The process used dates back to the mid-19th century and continues to be used today in the creation of Henry Jullien collection models, to which the presence of pure gold gives unparalleled shine, splendor, and beauty.

Learn more about Maison Henry Jullien: https://www.maison-henry-jullien.fr/