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Bio acetate

A new opportunity for sustainability arises from the use of bioacetate. Unlike conventional acetate, which is produced using non-renewable sources, bioacetate utilizes biological or renewable materials, making it more sustainable and environmentally friendly. In its commitment to becoming increasingly “green“, iVision Tech is incorporating and adapting its processes to work with this material, aiming to reduce environmental impact and contribute to a more circular and sustainable economy.

Recycling acetate

iVision Tech, in all its work phases, operates following principles that lead to an optimal acetate recycling process. This sustainable process involves collecting acetate processing waste in dedicated Big Bags.

These bags are then picked up by external companies responsible for cleaning the acetate fragments (acetate flakes) and transforming them into a molten mass.

Subsequently, through an extruder, the acetate is transformed into a filament that is used to create new products such as fabrics, packaging, and accessories, or converted into new acetate for the production of eyewear.

How it works

Raggruppa 194

The acetate waste is crushed and compacted together.

Raggruppa 199

The flakes are heated until they compact into a molten mass.

Raggruppa 195

The pieces are then sent to the factory to create new recycled acetates.